UnitedWed Updates

UnitedWed App Update v2.5

We’re pleased to announce a new update to our app!

New Features

Pro Listing View

Professionals can now see what their profile looks like to couples

  1. Tap the button
  2. Select My Company
  3. Tap the button at the bottom labeled View Your Listing

New Customer Support Center

Users now have the ability to request and track customer support tickets directly from the app. These tickets can be to request for assistance with something about the app, to report a bug, and to suggest new features. To access this new feature:

  1. Tap the button
  2. Select Support
  3. You will be presented with a list of tickets, if you have any
  4. Tap the button icon in the bottom right hand corner to create a new ticket

A New Look-and-Feel

We have tweaked the user interface to make it easier to read and interact with. Buttons are larger, text is larger and clearer, colors are applied consistently throughout. We think it looks nicer, we hope you agree!

Client Central – your new customer relationship management tool

Wedding professionals use various tools to help run their business. CRM software to keep track of prospects and clients…. Billing software to keep track of invoices and payments… Contract management software to keep track of signatures and clauses…

With the new Client Central, pros need one less tool!

Convert leads to Clients

When prospective clients reach out to find out your availability, they appear on your Leads page where you can press the new Convert button. When you convert a Lead, you can continue to follow up with them and, if they decide to book with you, you can create service orders that allow you to send a contract for signature and payment.

Send messages and initiate phone calls to clients and prospects

It’s easy to stay in touch with clients. Simply go to Client Central, search for them, and you’ll be able to call or message them. If they’re on the UnitedWed platform, they’ll get their message directly to their phone.

Send contracts out for signature

Client Central now also helps you with wedding contract management. Simply paste in your contract and you can assign in to a service order for a client. Do you have different ones depending on what type of services you’re providing? We support an unlimited number of contracts.

Once you send out the service order to a client, they sign their name we keep track of their signature so that you can see when they signed it and what the signature looked like.

Receive payments

Client Central makes it easy to get paid. When you send out a service order, your customers can pay you using our quick, easy, and secure payment gateway. You can even define payment schedules if you would like to break up the payments over time.

We’re excited about this pretty major feature rollout and we can’t wait for you to try these new features out!

Other Items

We also fixed some bugs that make the app more reliable