UnitedWed WordPress Plugin

Many of you know and love WordPress and use it as the software that powers your website. We love WordPress too and, to help professionals such as yourselves keep your UnitedWed portfolios fresh, we created a plugin that allows you to manage your portfolio all in the comfort of your own WordPress website. If this all sounds swell to you, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Install the UnitedWed WordPress Plugin on your website

  1. On your WordPress website Go to the Plugins | Add New page
  2. Type unitedwed On the Search Plugins page
  3. Click Install Now
  4. Click Activate

Step 2: Select your photos

  1. On WordPress, Go to the Media | Library page
  2. Click on a photo you’d like to add to your portfolio
  3. Click the Add to UnitedWed checkbox
  4. Move on to the next photo.
  5. Rinse, repeat.

Step 3: Turn on the WordPress sync in the UnitedWed app

  1. On the UnitedWed app, go to the My Company page
  2. Click the Portfolio tab
  3. Open the upload portfolio tab by clicking the ^ button
  4. Disable the Local Portfolio option
  5. Enter the url to your WordPress website
  6. Click Save

That’s it! Enjoy the added convenience of having one less thing to manage!